3 Top Tips to Secure Your Mobile App (for developers)


According to the Telegraph, Britain’s one of the leading telecommunication company Three Mobile’s six million customers’ private information were hacked after employee login used to access customer upgrade database.

And according to Fox 6 Now, one million Android phones were infected by hackers via illegitimate apps. Hackers were able to get access to Google accounts’ info that included emails, photos, documents and more.

If you’re a top mobile app development company or app owner and very serious about your app and don’t want to lose your loyal customers and brand value, you should have a cutting-edge mobile app security. Let me provide you some workable security tips to secure your app.

3 Workable Security Tips to Secure Your App

  1. Implement a good mobile encryption policy

Mobile app differs from web apps in terms of storing app’s code and data. In web app, app’s code and data exist on a server, but in mobile app, the same is stored on a device as it needs to consider performance, bandwidth, and quality of devices. The more data that’s stored locally on a device invites more vulnerabilities.

  • File-level encryption is a good way to encrypt at-rest data. It secures data on a file-by-file basis. It avoids reading the data even though it has been intercepted.
  • Encrypt mobile databases. Platforms like Appcelerator offers an encrypted SQLite module, which secures locally stored data.
  • Design app in such a way that critical user data like passwords, credit card information, etc. aren’t stored directly on a device. In case if that needs to be stored there, make sure that’s secure and encrypted.
  • Give a high importance for key management. If keys and certificates are vulnerable to hackers, even a tough algorithm can be vanished.


  1. Have a strong API security strategy

Since API is a vital component for any kind of mobile app development, it needs to be secured rigorously. You should make sure APIs flow data between apps, the cloud, and different users are verified and authorized to access the data of API. API acts as a conductor between content, functionality, and data, so you should take a special care for API security.


Three major security measures such as identification, authentication, and authorization should be given utmost importance to have a well-built API security.


  1. Test app again and again, rigorously

Testing the app code rigorously plays a vital role in producing a secure app. Conducting a rigorous security testing allows you to detect vulnerabilities in the code, so you can make sure the code is error-free and won’t invite vulnerabilities.

  • Conduct penetration testing which looks for security weaknesses in the app or network
  • Conduct a rigorous test for authentication and authorization, session management and data security issues.
  • Make a solid use of emulators for devices and operating systems. It allows you to test how an app will perform in a simulated environment.


Mobiles apps are increasingly becoming the victims of hacking and online frauds. You can avoid it when you have a solid mobile security strategy. Until unless you don’t possess technical expertise in the same, you may face difficulty to implement it. When you have a support of an experienced and expert mobile app development companies mumbai, the things would be easier for you.


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