Underst和 常见的欺诈类型 和 How to Protect Yourself

欺诈 is a broad term that refers to the act of deceiving someone for monetary gain. 在过去的几年里, fraudsters have developed a wide range of tools 和 techniques to fool us into giving them our money 和 information.

While you may have mastered the art of identifying a fraudulent phone call, there may be new ways that fraudsters are attempting to deceive us. 在他们的游戏里打败他们, we are making every effort to raise awareness of scams 和 fraud that can put you, 你的家人, 有危险的朋友. In this article, you will learn expert tips to identify if a situation is a scam. 




欺诈sters can spoof phone numbers including the customer service lines for 元素, 1-  1-,让人觉得万博maxbet官网下载是在给你打电话. If you receive what feels like a questionable call with our caller ID, 挂掉,然后直接回电话. 你可以全天候打电话给万博maxbet官网下载.


A credit 冻结 keeps private data in your credit files from being accessed without your approval. Freezing your credit can help prevent fraudulent credit applications, even if a fraudster has information like your birthdate 和 Social Security number. You can easily un冻结 credit temporarily when you wish to apply for new credit. This is the most proactive defense against fraudsters. Here are useful links to 冻结 your credit with the major credit bureaus:

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使用Card Control控制你的卡片. You can create custom real-time alerts for your card transactions 和 even restrict your card if it is lost or stolen. Download the Card Control app within our 元素 mobile app by selecting Card Control from the app menu or by visiting the Apple or Google Play store directly if you already have the 元素 mobile banking app. 




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We have all heard stories of online marketplace scams, received strange credit card 和 insurance phone calls, 和 have been notified that someone is trying to login to our accounts from countries we have never visited. The more stories we hear, the better we become at identifying when we are being scammed. We’re here to share the top 5 fraud scenarios that we hear about most often, 以及万博maxbet官网下载处理这些情况的技巧. 


These scams often involve a criminal advertising high-ticket items for sale at low prices online.


  • When picking up the item in person, meet at a secure location, such as a police station.
  • Do not accept anything but cash or certified funds for in-person transactions.


Criminals often embed skimming devices inside point of sale terminals to steal credit card information.


  • 在刷卡之前拉一下读卡器.
  • It is usually best to pay with a credit card, rather than debit, at the gas station.


欺诈sters may seek to steal your information or money on a call with a live person or through an automated texting system.


  • Confirm the call’s legitimacy before giving out any information.
  • Never fall for a call from an unidentifiable third party about a family member “in crisis."
  • Look up 和 call the published customer service number back.
  • Never click on links or give personal information in response to a text alert.


This is an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, 密码, 和万博maxbet官网下载的详细信息通过电子通信.


  • 谨慎使用链接或附件.
  • Go directly to websites that require sensitive login info, 比如你的电子邮件收件箱或万博manbetx下载3, 避免点击链接.


This occurs when someone uses stolen information to file a tax return, claiming a fraudulent refund.


  • 你报税越早越好.
  • Contact the IRS directly if you’ve had ID theft issues.


欺诈sters are constantly developing new technology 和 strategies. Just as we begin to underst和 their old ways of doing things, 他们发展新的趋势,让万博maxbet官网下载保持警觉. 元素 is constantly researching these trends in the fraud world so that we can better support you. We don’t want to keep our findings a secret, so we are here to share them with you! 


欺诈sters take advantage of people who are looking for a job. These criminals give you a check to start working 和 set up your home office. The checks turn out to be fraudulent, 和 then you are out the money you’ve spent.

专家提示: 小心那些“好得令人难以置信”的工作机会. 


These apps either silently install a different app than the preview in the store 和 trick the user into approving its installation, 或者应用程序将模仿零售品牌或银行, convincing the consumer to give up login or payment information.

专家提示: Watch for this type of fraud, especially near Black Friday 和 Cyber Monday.


This is the deliberate use of someone else's identity, usually as a method to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit.

专家提示: Always keep your credit frozen as the most proactive defense against fraudsters. 


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This information is provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal, tax or financial advice. Consult with your tax, legal or financial adviser before taking any action.


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