Five Unique Birthday Party Ideas For People in Their Twenties


More often than not, birthday parties are regarded as soirees and events exclusive to kids and children below the age of sixteen. Once you reach the age of eighteen and above, they are no longer called birthday parties but rather pizza parties, epic night outs or gaming nights. By the time you are in your twenties, they get an even duller name: birthday dinner. It has so long been regarded that birthday parties are occasions that only little kids can enjoy and that as soon as you reach adulthood, you would be constrained into celebrating your birthday in a far more conventional (not to mention boring) way. However, this does not necessarily need to be the case as even if you are in your twenties, there are a myriad of ways you can make sure your party is just as eventful and fun as it was when you were still a kid.

With the ideas below, birthday party packages are hardly necessary. Just your creative mind and out of the box thinking. Regardless of what you do, if you utilize any of the ideas stated below, you are guaranteed to have a grand time celebrating your natal day.

1.) Host a gaming tournament

Regardless of whether you are in your in your pre-teen years or are in your twenties, you would still enjoy playing video games—even for just a night. However, if you are an avid gamer with a true gaming spirit then perhaps hosting a video game tournament for your birthday is your best bet. Have a bunch of friends over who share the same enthusiasm as you do and organize a gaming tournament. To make things more interesting, have the winner get a special prize. In this way, everyone gets into the fun and spirit of gaming.

2.) Have people over for an amateur wine tasting

If you and your friends are self-confessed connoisseurs of fine wine, then for your birthday, you should throw a wine tasting party. If you and your friends do not have much background on wines, you can call it an amateur wine tasting party instead. Just look for some bottles of good wine but remember that it should not cost too much as you will need to have several types of wines in order to throw this kind of party. To develop your pallet and learn some of the basics, read on a few books or search online for some guides on wine tasting.

3.) Host a fancy dress dinner party

If you are looking for something a little fancy and extra to celebrate your birthday, then host a fancy dress dinner party. This type of party is also perfect for individuals who love to dress up or are looking for an excellent excuse to do so. Send out some invitations and strictly indicate that the dress code is strictly formal. To make the celebration even more festive and unforgettable, serve a fancy dinner for your friends as well and break out your fanciest attire.

4.) Organize a hike and have a picnic

Love the great outdoors? Then let your birthday serve as the perfect event for a hike and a picnic with your friends. Plan well in advance and invite your friends who are nature enthusiasts or fitness buffs for a hike with you. Furthermore, to give your party a fitting end, celebrate it with a picnic at one of the spots during your hike. In this way, not only are you strengthening your bonds with your friends, but you are also immersing yourself in nature and getting that much-needed exercise as well.

5.) Have a themed party in the VIP section of a club

If you and your friends are frequent patrons of a club or simply all about the nightlife, then book the VIP section of a club for your own private party. Although this is a more usual way to celebrate, party animals would certainly love a reason to drink and live it up at night. Make VIP reservations and make sure to have a theme in mind. You and your friends can dress up in the raging sixties style or you can glam it up by going for something with a little bit more sophistication. Either way, the possibilities are endless.


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