Importance of Toys in Baby’s Development


You might be well aware of the fact that a child’s brain’s growth rate is very good till he becomes a 4-year-old. This Development involves a lot of factors. One of which is Child’s exposure towards new and different things. And one of those important things is Toys. Evey Child needs toys to play with. Toys are very important for Baby’s Mental and Social Development. And, this is how you can make it better for your child to understand various things with the help of toys.

The Idea of Toys

Toys can be of various kinds. We know about the toys which we grew up playing with. Everyone has had a story about Toys and which of those used to be their favorites. Even the babies now have such choices. For a very young kid, the best toys are the wooden ones. And, as she grows up, you can introduce her to bigger and more sensible toys and games as well.

Toys for babies are a source of leisure for them. They can spend a lot of their times playing with their toys and games. And, above all, playing with toys helps them develop their mental and motor skills. Have you not seen in real life too? The kids who used to be very reserved in their early years are less active even when they grow up. We all have such friends who are not good with sports or other activities because they didn’t play too much. This is Why It is very Important to Introduce your Baby to Toys.

Let us see, how actually the Toys Help in all round development of your Baby’s Mind and Body.

Why it is Important to Introduce your Baby to Toys?

Although you can’t buy your baby anything that she asks you for, in her young years, it is important to understand what good impact do toys actually have on her. Let us understand it better with every step.

1). Better Motor Skills:

What toys do is, engage the kids in something which is intriguing for them. They are not just able to get over with the fun which they receive while playing with the toys. And then as they are playing with their toys or games, their motor skills are refined. They improve their motor skills at every point.

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And, there are toys such as a walker or a tricycle. When your baby is playing with such a toy, she moves herself by some means. So in a way, they are getting used to a healthy lifestyle, which will help them even in their later years.

2). Brain’s Development:

The brain becomes more active and aware when you introduce your baby to newer toys. This means, that when your baby meets a new toy, she gets to know about something completely new. Something, she never knew of. And, this is not it. The fact is that when she plays with any of the toys, she has to use her mind on her own levels.

So, this will help her cerebral capacity to be better. So, at least she has enough sense of touch, pushes, pulls or anything else which might come her way.

3). Emotional Development:

Do you remember getting attached to the one doll that you liked to play with so much in your childhood? Everyone has had such a toy in their childhood which they loved to play with. This is the basic emotion which a child develops in herself while playing with toys. It might be a small truck, a doll, a Puppy House or anything at all. But, yes your baby will have a connection with all her toys.

Even while the babies role plays with their toys or acts with them. They are doing a lot of good for their emotional sensitivity and development. Although for adults a toy means by something which they sell at a store to make money, while for kids, a toy can be so much more.

4). Social Development:

Toys introduce the baby to the world better than any adult can. A Child might not be wanting to play with you until she has a toy which she can use on you. For example, say a toy gun. You might have seen many children tend to just point their toy gun at anyone they see. They want you to play your role in such a case. This is how they start interacting.

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Also, they learn sharing with other kids of their age when they are supposed to share their toys. So, Toys do a lot of good for your child’s social development as well.

5). Memory’s Betterment:

When your child plays a board game, she has to use a lot of her brain. This doesn’t stress her but challenges her in a fun way. Which is why she likes and even might get addicted to playing such a game when encouraged. This happens with people of all ages though. Even you might have found yourself in such a position while playing a Cognitive Game on your phone or PC. So, you know it is very important to Introduce your Baby to Toys.

Also, if you still have any doubts or want to know about anything regarding you or your baby, feel free to contact us.

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