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A simple Google search will list you the variety of articles from the people across the globe. They will confuse the people as if they know the definitive telltale signs to prove their partner is cheating, on which some of them will focus on the evident things. Here is the list of 10 obvious signs to build trustworthiness in your relationship.

  • Addicted to the phone

When your partner is pinging in WhatsApp groups and if it is the official group it is difficult to avoid, so you should not disturb them while they are pinging and you can look at their conversation also that’s different. If your partner trying to use their phone in private, they will give the excuses like they love listening to music in the shower so take their phone to the bathroom and when you go to the shop they will tell that they will wait outside and when you return from the shop they will be using their phone. All these signs indicate that they are addicted to their phone and these may be the chances of being an unfaithful partner, but don’t express the things until they are confirmed. Look the problem from all its positive aspects.

  • He will prefer gym again

Nowadays, healthy living is becoming a trend again, so preferring the gym routine is not an abnormal act and it can be caused by many aspects not just trying to impress the opposite gender. The main reason for going to the gym is to enhance their physical appearance, that’s is not just to impress you or anybody else, it is just to keep them fit and healthy and it is one of the ways to improve their self-esteem and build confidence. Things don’t happen overnight, so don’t assume they are cheating you and spending extra time in the gym and they have been 2 weeks on the gym and still they don’t get six-packs.

  • Working overtime

It may be their choice to take the increased amount of overtime or sometimes it may be compulsory, we can’t judge their working environment. As a cooperative partner, you should understand that all the companies have their deadlines and busy periods to meet their company requirements. So it will not be optional all the time. If your partner is a project manager, then he may face these situations often and they will have the increased workload at the times of deadlines. There are some people who go for a 9-5 office job and they return home early and they spend more time with their family. Remember that not all the people are same; each one has their own circumstances. So it is your duty to understand your partner.

  • Out with a friend of a friend

So after a stag, your partner has become friends with a friend of a friend and they have planned to go out. The friend of a friend is very often excuse, because your partner knows very well that you can’t cross examine with their friends and in the case of a friend of a friend, you can’t ask too many questions to them, but that is not the fact that going out with the friend of a friend means that they are cheating, you should take it in a way that your partner will get on with his friends of friends because they belong to similar social circles so they have many things to share in common.

  • Working all the time

Most of the people think that this is the most common sign of cheating. We often hear this on the daily basis. Millions of people travel across the country or even across the globe for a variety of work related reasons, some people travel across the globe in order to attend the meetings, whereas the others travel places they have skills that require them to be in that particular location. We have also seen people staying at hotels in the cities because of their job timings starts at 8 am and it takes 3 hours from their home to their workplace. Traveling 3 hours per day will travel their mental and physical health obviously.

So understanding each other is the best aspect of the partnership.

  • Avoid paying you attention

This is the most untrustworthy sign that someone is cheating. The reason for this will be one of the million little things. Relationships remain same and it will not change at any cost. People become lazy, self-satisfied, and comfortable. So if your relationship is still relatively speaking in the early stages, most of the psychologists encourage you not to use this as a sole indicator that your partner is cheating and not faithful to you.

  • Sexual appetite is lacking

This is one of the things that most of the people feel but they won’t openly say until they feel comfortable enough to discuss. This may be due to the side effect of stress or depression, so don’t try to find a conclusion for your relationship.

  • Accusation

One of the easiest ways to defend against accusations is to react with counter-accusations. It is a fact that it is very common for the person who is cheating to become aggressive when he is accused of something. The best defense for this is the good offense. Most of the people complain that they have a cheating partner, whenever they try to ask questions about the activities or change in their behavior their partners will make funny claims. The other common response is you should stop looking at things that aren’t there actually.

  • No details about nights out or activities

Each and every couple is unique. Some couples share all the details that happen in their life and others don’t, that’s human tendency. When your partner starts to cheat you they will usually feel pressure when they are talking about the cover story and they try to avoid talking about it.

  • They are unreachable at a certain time

If your partner works away regularly and consistently they have an excuse why they are unreachable after the certain time, we may think that they are looking for a help. After some years of investigations of their nature, you can say this is the signal that you take more seriously. You would have noticed that some hotels have poor reception and most of us forget our chargers from time to time, but still, your partner always has an excuse for not being available at the certain time, the main reason for this is they are something that they don’t want you to know about it.

There will be many factors that will confuse you, but take each thing in a positive aspect. It doesn’t mean that you should forgive your cheating partner. Don’t judge your partner from the point of others or what others say, you know your partner completely. Faithfulness and complementing each other is the best part in a relationship and also in marriage. If you find that your partner is going some way wrong, it is your responsibility to correct them and you should be the physiologist for them and correct them. You both should contribute equal share and should pave way for a balanced life filled with joy, love, and happiness. Remember, you both are the center part in your relationship.
Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies is a leading social and mobile development company which has launched a Discreet Dating App called Datingo . I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.


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