Is Managed Hosting Right for Your Business?



You must have heard the digital-crowd mumbling over-and-over with the buzzwords recently. “Get the affordable managed hosting to save thousands per year.” or “Fasten your site 300 time with the best managed hosting.” For sure, it sounds awesome especially to the ones who are more than annoyed watching their webpage load. In this tech-savvy world, where everyone is battling to show up on top, the unworthy hosting is no more than a waste of time and money. Therefore, managed hosting happens to be the suitable options to get along with.

Managed hosting is actually a hosting services wherein a provider is responsible to setup, monitor and maintain the various servers of use. In managed hosting, the server is owned by the specific provider but it only hosts one website rather than hosting number of different websites at the same time. Generally, it offers great flexibility for the enterprises that gives them total control over the server. So just read on to learn more about the top signs indicating that you need the managed hosting now;

How slow your Site is?

In that case, the TTFB (Time to First Byte) measurement can be of great help. It’s actually a score, which determines how quick your website responds. You can also check this through the page speed reporting that gives scores about how fast your website is. Though these are really significant but they won’t give the whole idea of this. There are many website wherein some are of light speed level TTL and others with superfast score, but when you visit them they are still very slow.

In order to determine how slow your site is, it’s essential to consider the subjectivity of the speed. It would be great if you have the analytic tools on your site. For instance; Google analytics tells the number of people coming and going off your site on the daily basis. But there is one thing that might not be caught by the Google. It’s the group of wannabe-visitors who click the link to visit your website but the page took so much time to load that they simply closed the window.

This behavior of your website defines it as slow. It hurdle can be fixed with the help of managed hosting and its numerous caching tools.

What Kind of Site you Have?

The fraction of why the site-speed is subjective has a lot to do with how the site was designed, how much traffic it receives daily and what is the target audience. If your HTML site receive over 100,000 hits per day, it would be much faster than the WordPress website having CMS integrated in it. Moreover, a website allowing visitors to login and leave comment is potentially slower than a static news site. Before you start considering the managed hosting, it’s essential to evaluate what your website does and what you want to do in the coming years.

For instance; if you want to be the best place to talk about the gaming stuff like Clash of Clans or Game of thrones, then your site would be really popular and have a lot of traffic.

There is another considerable reason for why you should know what kind of website you have is because of caching. Any site that caches the content is able to show the visitors static content. It means that the site would not require to have PHP reload the page and won’t even call the database. Instead, it would just load that simple HTML page that’s actually the fastest. In case of huge traffic and frequent commenting, that HTML page is rebuilt over and over that eventually slows down the page.

Perhaps that’s the reason as to why the WordPress sites get really slow after installing the caching plugin. Therefore, managed hosting turns up helpful and lucrative that helps keeping up with the frequent caching without affecting the site speed & loading time.

Are you considering managed hosting as per your business needs? Just check out this article as it will help in making the right decision.


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