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In this article I want to explain why we chose Husqvarna and why we think that’s a really good decision that really best chainsaws. First bought a house was in a more urban environment and this is the first chainsaw we bought an electric chainsaw and it’s a Remington I think it was under fifty dollars and the house we have to find a really served a purpose just got up little limbs here and there that fell from storms and that’s all we do.


Someone might ask what purpose does the solving this an electric chainsaw will serve a homestead now well now that my son is getting a little older this is actually weighs training on so a little less dangerous he gave him some good experience and when he moves up to the gas powered chainsaw will be well experienced any more himself but when we ran into some tree work is something a little bigger so I went to big lots of but this polling saw it’s a remanufactured saw and believe it or not was only about sixty dollars and that served its purpose and took care of those trees pretty well but definitely underpowered to be chopping firewood so we moved into the new homestead here we figured out that we need about ten cords of firewood a year and as you can see we’re still on this year.


Chop in and split in firewood getting ready so this is our second year in the home and this is my second year using this husqvarna 450 rancher 20 inch bar on it and it’s got a lot of power to do his job we were a little bit lean about.


I want to spend our money unwisely five-hundred-dollar says that’s a lot of money but we found out is that you know are almost runs on oil heat or run our home with the wood stove Boyle heat for about five weeks 250 gallons of oil and that was about five weeks five six weeks about it.


Over six hundred dollars so that really make this purchase a lot easier so when we did decide to make the purchase to get a good chain saw it was either the husqvarna or getting a still saw that has it still loves you and I get enough of that state back they never used one.


But the reason why we Choose husqvarna it really seemed like it was comparable salt is still some people that use both would even say that the husband is better and of course some people States feels better but bang for your buck I think husqvarna beat still dance down almost triple the price or definitely you know more than double the price to get the comparable.


Still brand new purchase, what we thought was very reasonable price and so far we are very happy with the uppers when we’re done this year too would have cut about 20 cords of firewood so it’s a lot and no maintenance yet really on the engine itself as you know of clean air filter.


They have the spark plug and that’s about it however if I did have one complaint about the hot water I would say that maybe the bar where is a little bit too fast this is a replacement bar that we’ve got and I’ll show you the original bar came from this is the original bar…


And I would say maybe 10-12 cords of firewood it’s pretty much met its match I do like the fact that the front sprocket be able to grease it increase in both ends here sprockets not the problem I think the problem is that this bar is really wears fast I don’t know if you can tell.


But replacement are really wasn’t that bad was about twenty five dollars and got a new 24 so I’m going to show you what this chainsaw can do we’re going to pretty much maxed out its potential with this log here we’re going to go right to this lock. I’ll show you later probably walk down a little bit when the whole thing digs in but I’m pretty confident we’ll go through that log there what the wood chips are supposed to look like that sawdust. These are actual chips coming off that’s a good sharp chain that’s the way I saw she ok yeah!


So we see the way that sauce because this is bigger than the bar I just want to show what would happen if you maxed out husqvarna I think this is pretty much if this is huge I mean we’re not going to cut too much thinking bigger than this I hope you found this helpful I had the chance to buy the so again if I had to


Buy it so again I would definitely do it its good for firewood.


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