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Coming to Stone cladding it is an enthralling feature for a home, to make it classy and refreshing for a very long time irrespective of the architecture stratagem manipulated. From a plethora of applications like a total house exterior modification to ventures like cladding a floor or a fireplace, stone cladding is a means of revamping your house so that it incorporates an aura of brand new feeling. At present stone cladding has created a comprehensive and profound style related to its look and the simplicity related to the installation. We at DJ stones provide excellent natural stone cladding at a reasonable price.

Stone Cladding for Exterior

The main use of stone cladding is to augment the exterior portions of the home and incorporate a single or multiple accent walls. The look of a home where there is the presence of grey cut stone exterior walls is enriched to a great extent. Further a porch designed with sandstone walls also creates a good feel and is well suited for a welcoming aspect. Archaic materials are modified to provide a refreshing look and thus design a stone clad home which is featured with an ageless look and feel.

Garden Walls: Gardens are a refreshing sight for a person to look at irrespective of the weather and season. By providing the apt stone classing they are magnified as a visually appealing background with the plants and other such components in the garden. Stone cladding also finds its application with respect to retaining walls as well.

Paths and Patios –

We at DJ stones venture to augment the exterior of your homes by revamping patios and garden paths with stone cladding. Patios are used to provide a continuity between the indoors and the outdoors. Although gravel could be applied for this, it creates a mess which requires a lot of strenuous work to sort out. Stonework done by us enrich the visual look without much issues and maintenance. As aforementioned the visual appeal is augmented and it serves to enlarge the kerb appeal of the property.

Stone Cladding for Inside the Home

By providing accent walls in stone, a total composite room or even smaller spaces can be augmented. Cladding entryways with stones ascertain that the guests will interpret the home owners to have an aura of good design traits. A rustic brick clad wall enriches the atmosphere of a kitchen. Further our stone cladding with respect to a solid wall can provide the aura of exterior space sans the exposure to the weather elements.

Fireplaces –  Fireplaces serve as the basis of any room and a poor one could deteriorate the typically rich decoration. People are enthralled by fireplaces and hence the revamping of a fireplace could lead to good benefits for a room’s style. Stone veneers and claddings done by us augment the look of the fireplace and gives a new and varied look for the entire room.

Floors- Our stone cladding when it comes to floors enriches the location whether it is small in dimensions or filled with several cabinets. The stone veneer is quite suited for kitchens and narrow hallways. DJ stone’s stone veneering enables a great look for a single room or entirely across the house.

DJ stone’s stone cladding are reasonably priced and affordable so that the entire home is revamped and the living space is very much augmented. It also serves great use when the home owners are opting to sell the house. Our cladding and stone veneering ensures that there are more beauty and less maintenance to generate a great upheaval for the interiors.

As aforementioned our stone cladding finds its applications in the outside portion of the home and also for the interiors as well. We implement it in order to augment your fireplaces, windows and doors. The demand for these are rising because they are comparatively lighter compared to the normal counterparts and are imbibed with a feeling of natural look.

The benefits you get from availing our stone cladding services are that

The natural stones are bulky and provide hindrances with relation to transport and application. Stone cladding provided by us are lighter and simple to install. It is very much adaptable with surface materials like wood,cement and the such. This eliminates the hindrances to revamp the surfacers. Our stone cladding expenditure is minimal when evalauted with natural stones which are much expensive in all aspects. Our stones are quite malleable which augments the simplicity to install them. The services of a vacuum table and clamps are availed to facilitate the process with ease. This feature is absent in the natural stones where the stones cannot be modified to the apt dimensions and shape as in the case of stone cladding. The color combination and syncing can also be made use of related to your needs. The natural feel of the stones are augmented. The stones are very much durable against heat and finds its use in fireplaces where the charm is augmented. The non porous and non absorbent nature of these stones facilitate simple maintenance. The stones come from hard materials and are very much durable and can last for a considerably large amount of time. The color associated with the stones dont degrade with respect to environmental and weather changes making them apt for interiors and exteriors. They serve to enrich the feel of the home and beautify it.

Our services with relation to stone cladding are apt when the user wants to install and take care of a natural looking stone which is inexpensive and affordable when compared to the original stones.


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