Easy to learn Gymnastic skills


Have you been fascinated by the gymnastics skills that you see on Television by the experts. Do you think that you are missing out on something by not putting yourself into adventure? Here’s an easy way to learn some of the gymnastic skills. You can also become like a pro with lots of practise. Harness your strength, composure, flexibility and balance by learning little girl gymnastics. Here are some of the easy to learn gymnastic skills that you never thought was possible until now.
Forward roll

Here ‘s how to do a forward roll. Get into a squatting position with both your feet together and your knees bent next to each other. Now, place your hands over the floor with your elbow bent. You are in a position to do the forward roll. Simply tuck in your head between your hands, and push your feet against your upper back and you will naturally roll forward. Follow the curve as you roll along your spine.

Backward roll

How do we do a backward roll? You start your backward roll from a standing position with your arms raised up. Now, slowly sit into a squatting position and roll over your back. As soon as your back touches the ground, get ready to bend your arms and reach for your ears. Make sure that your hand touches the ground as you roll back over your shoulders, so that any pressure over your head or neck is taken off. In order to complete the roll, let the momentum do its job to bring your hips and legs over your head. Finally when you have finished the rotation it’s time to land back on your feet again. The gymnastic club for kids will help you to practise these exercises.


Handstand is a basic gymnastic technique that comes in very handy during advanced moves. We can say it is one of the basic moves in Gymnastics that you can learn easily. Just as the name suggests, handstand is actually standing over your hands in a vertical position. With practise you can quite easily master this move and soon become an expert in open gym gymnastics.

Here’s how you can start your practise on doing a Handstand. First of all, choose a spacious area where you would have plenty of room to practise your exercise. Stand at a distance of around 1 to 1.5 meter away from a padded wall. It’s even better if you have a padded surface. Place your front foot slightly ahead of your other foot and get into position. Bend and support yourself with both your hands placed on the floor. Lift up one of your foot above the ground followed by the other. You will now be in an inverted position with both your foot upwards touching the wall and your hands supporting your inverted position.

So, you just learnt some of the moves in kids gymnastics classes. Now, it’s time to practise these moves in the supervision of a professional staff, and get started with gymnastics.


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