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When it comes to apartment living and rental, it’s pretty obvious there’re lots of options available that are overwhelming as well as beneficial altogether. Options aside, there’s a pool of different choices or types of apartments whereas your choice depends on budget, neighbourhood preference, living condition (family, roommate, solo) and amenities available at hand.

If you’re new to apartment living and rental, here’s a list of different types along with tips to streamline the search process. A word of thank for a real estate firm that excels in apartments for rent in Dubai, for sharing such inside information with us.

It boasts a large space, enough to be walled and used either as a bedroom or a dining area per preference. For instance, a convertible two-bedroom also termed as flex-2 is a type of apartment development featuring a large bedroom as well as a separate area that can be divided to create another bedroom.

A budgeted and convenient choice for solo renter’s or buyers, Studio apartment is a one large space with purposed compartments such as a corner for bathroom; another for kitchen, rest is bedroom, drawing and dining room altogether.

Convertible studio
A sub-category of Studio however big enough to incorporate another wall thereby dedicating a section to sleeping, dining or leisure room per se!

Alcove studio
With apartment living and rental comes another type defined as an alcove studio! It’s an area not more than 100 square feet located off the living space and sometimes referred to as a half or split room. Alcove studio can be sectioned to create a sleeping recess or a dining cubicle depending on size and location. The layout is L-shaped featuring one-room bedroom that can be used as a sleeping corner.

A large room located originally in a commercial building that has been reinstated into residential with high ceilings, spacious interiors and panoramic windows. Loft can represent anything from a studio to three and even four bedroom space with more chic type also featuring a balcony. It’s the best type of apartment for families.

Junior one-bedroom
Upgrading studio a step and it’ll eventually represent a junior one-bedroom apartment that is a large studio or perhaps sort of a loft. Depending on developers and location, it can feature a separate sleeping area, an eat-in kitchen or any other preferred corner.

Junior four-bedroom
Dividing a one-bedroom apartment with separate dining, kitchen, bath and living compartment; though smaller, is termed as a junior four.

Three & two bedroom
With three-room apartment, the finest example is of railroad type with several rooms connected by doors but no hallway. While the layout itself doesn’t contribute to one or two bedroom and still it’s divided into three rooms is termed as a three-room.

Also known as the real two-bedroom with actual double segments for common living space and a separate kitchen is coined as two-bedroom. However, this type of apartment unit mustn’t be confused with a duplex as design, construction, layout and much more, every feature of duplex is different.

The wing-two bedroom
Two bedrooms with a small joined space is often termed “wing” in real estate development hence the name wing two-bedroom. This separate wing can be a kitchen or any other dedicated space.

Classic six
Three-bedroom apartment units usually found in pre-war buildings featuring larger living room, dining room and a full separate kitchen is basic layout. Many of these classical beauties around the world have been restored into spacious and comfortable large space units.

Duplex & triplex
Just as the name implies, duplex represents apartment with two storeys whereas triplex features three levels respectively. Levels may serve a unique purpose such as one’s a bedroom, other is drawing, dining and TV lounge for instance. Each floor has attached bathroom which makes is valuable and another preferred apartment type preferred by families.

Garden apartment
Garden apartment living and rental represents an apartment unit with a small garden or terrace access. Living in such unit means you’ll get a lot of visitors in the summer however, cost for both rent and purchase is higher as compared to other units.

Above is a list of many different types of apartments you’ll find in rural settings across the world.


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