Factors that Build Trust By Shiv Khera


Most relationships are trust based relationships. Trust is the link which bridges the gap between two people. Trust can be between student and teacher, employer and employee, Husband and wife, Seller and buyer etc.The key to trust is Integrity.

Factors that build Trust are listed below

  1. Reliability: if a person is reliable it means he is dependable. It also means that he never deviates from his commitments. Such people become a great asset for their society and organization.
  2. Consistency: It refers to the fact that the person doesn’t change their stands after stipulated period of time that is being consistent in nature. There not changing positive attitude attracts them to be grouped in premier people in a society and organization.
  3. Respect: If a person has the quality of respecting others and self then he increases the amount of trust others have on him. When a person respects other, in return others also like him and thus he becomes distinguishable in the society and organization.
  4. Fairness: Being fair here refers that a person adheres to rules and regulations and appeals to justice and integrity. Doing this he automatically rises among the crowd.
  5. Openness: It means that there is no secrecy or hidden facts of a person. This also refers that the person is transparent in nature.
  6. Congruence: If a person’s action and words move together which means what a person says and what a person does are same then his value increases in the environment he lives in.
  7. Acceptance: Despite having differences in opinions if  people listen each other adds a positive factor to trust.
  8. Character: If a person all of the above factors but doesn’t have a positive character  then it will be of all waste.
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