Getting the Most Out Of Your Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting Machines


If utilized correctly, laser cutting and plasma cutting machine can be very helpful and effective in metal fabrication. Your laser cutting machine price might be lower than what you expect but make no mistake about the capabilities of the device. The same goes for your plasma cutting machine.

1. Laser Cutters

The fiber laser cutting machine is one of the most popular types of modern laser cutters. It discharges a laser beam that travels from the laser resonator, through the bore of a nozzle to the metal plate, accurately piercing through it to achieve the desired shape. Also flowing through the nozzle bore is a compressed gas, which is used to blow the molten material out of the kerf, leaving a sleek edge with a high quality and smooth finish.

Move the head of your fiber laser cutting machine over the metal plate according to the shape that you desire for your material, and then cut the material out of the plate. For efficient results, you need to precisely focus the beam so that the shape of the focus spot as well as the density of the energy in that spot are perfectly round, consistent, and centered in the nozzle.

By focusing the large beam down to a single point of convergence, the heat density at that spot is extreme, which results in rapid heating, melting and partial or complete vaporization of the metal.

High-end laser cutter varieties come with a special lens that helps make focusing easier even for the amateurs.

2. Plasma Cutters

A plasma cutter is a torch that discharges a hot jet of plasma to cut many different types of hard materials to desired shapes and sizes. Plasma cutters are available in numerous varieties including hand-held and mechanical units.

You can cut your material with a portable plasma torch using either the stand-off or drug cutting methods. In the first method, just hold the torch tip above the metal surface and cut the material to your desired shape or size. In the second method, simply place the torch tip on the metal, pull the trigger and drag the torch. This enables you to trace straight edges or patterns easily, and also make precision cuts without warping.

Using a plasma or a fiber laser cutting machine is actually easier than using some of the traditional mechanical cutters. When operated correctly, laser and plasma cutting devices can deliver stable, reliable, and very precise cut results.


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