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In every field for work, physical presence is not required not for medical also, as now CompuRx Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has developed a health tablet with the help of this tablet the work can now be done by E-consultation or Telemedicine. To achieve this CompuRx had launched a preloaded calling tablet,Health Tablet with prescription writing software along with many other useful medical applications for doctors i.e. it is loaded with scores of readymade evidence based prescriptions for common diseases which can be used during prescription writing saving lot of time in rewriting, prescription writing utility with drugs & brands complete clinical information in the background for reference, facility to download required items from complete list of complaints, investigations & other instructions & symbols, minimum writing is required. Any new record can be made directly from the writing area & saved in masters for future use, you can put patient’s images, X-rays, MRI & other documents, reports in a chronological order etc. A minimally qualified health worker or an undergraduate doctor working in far off places can consult any specialist anywhere in the world regarding his patients by E-consultation using this Health Tablet saving precious time, money & enormous efforts to move the patient to a hospital.
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