The Make-up Revolution of Korea Today


The concept of semi-permanent or temporary make-up was first seen in Germany, nearly 200 years ago. This aesthetic technique of enhancing the beauty of the ladies out there has created sensation worldwide, and now, the other countries of Europe are all smitten by the concept.

Understanding the very concept of semi-permanent makeup Korea

Just like the concept of inserting micro colors inside the layer of skin the semi-permanent concept of making up too, gets the skin-friendly and non-allergic make up chemicals into the skin. You might definitely ask about the matter of safety in this procedure, to which the answer will satisfy you. The procedure of semi-permanent makeup Korea involves the usage of skin friendly colors inside the skin, as a result, the person undergoing this beauty enhancing treatment will definitely be able to maintain a well contoured face. In the native country of the concept, the temporary make-up is known as contour Makeup, in the United States it is known as Semi-Permanent Makeup, in Japan it is known as the Art Makeup.

Tattoo v/s Semi-permanent makeup

A tattoo has an indefinable life, but in the case of semi-permanent makeup, the latter comes with the advantageous feature of being washed away naturally after a certain time period. Therefore, this can also be understood as a durable makeup that enhances the beauty and also a makeup that literally lasts for a long time.

Where the makeup is applied

The semi-permanent makeup ink is injected in between the granular layer and the skin layer by making use of the pigment. The makeup pigments are made up of particles of natural mineral. You can be assured that there occurs no discoloration, allergy or other disorders to the skin. All the pigments that are used in the process of colouring the skin, and even the needle tools, are extremely friendly to the skin. There are hundreds of customers out there who are extremely satisfied, happy and relieved to have done their skin, and enhanced their beauty with the help of the semi-permanent makeup.

People who can enjoy the benefits

· People who are into sports, sauna

· Housewives running out of time for housework and raising kids

· Models who have to maintain their beauty, even during caring a nude or bare or makeup less look

· Any person affected with makeup for allergies with the cosmetics

· The people who do not have a proper experience in the field of making up


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