What is motivation?

Let us define it , Motivation is a moral force that drives us to reach our goals when we get inspired by a motivational act. Motivation brings out the best of good people and ends negativity if used in the right way. A motivated person starts believing more in their ability and spreads positivity in their environment. A well behaved  with positive attitude and rightly motivated person is building block for their Nation and an asset for his society.


Why do we need to get motivated?

Motivated people build and develop the nation. The more motivated youth there will be there is greater chance that part of the earth will prosper because they are easy to be trained and can apply their knowledge whenever there is a requirement. If we can become a part of the motivated youth then we too, can develop our nation.  So to be exact Motivation means to be inspired or encouraged.


Motivation is broadly classified into 2 Types

  1. External Motivation
  2. Internal Motivation


External Motivation

As the name suggests the factors which have direct impact on a person’s Motivation from his environment is known as external motivation. The factors include society, fame, family and fear. It means putting an environmental pressure on a person, so as to make the job done very quickly. External motivation can also take place of incentives like bonuses, commission and recognition. Scholarship given to student is also a form of external motivation.

Although it makes the work done quickly and meets deadlines but it has many drawbacks which are as follows

  • It is dependent on motivator once motivator is removed, motivation goes down.
  • It causes high stress level.
  • It is not so fruitful for long run purposes.


Internal motivation

The motivation that come from inside like pride, responsibility and belief falls into this category. This form of motivation is more productive and acceptable than the external motivation.  Although there will always be a need of external motivation but internal motivation is mostly required for sense of fulfillment.

Motivation always needs to be identified and continuously strengthened to succeed in work and life.


Let us have a look at factors behind motivation and demotivation


Some of the motivators include

  • Giving recognition
  • Giving respect
  • Making the work more interesting
  • Being a good listener
  • Always throwing up challenges
  • Helping but not completely doing it for others.
  • Living a goal oriented life.


Some of the demotivating factors include  

  • Making unfair and negative criticism.
  • Public Humiliation of the employee.
  • Rewarding the non performer.
  • Fear of Failure.
  • Lack of self esteem and Motivation.
  • Unfair Treatment of employees.
  • Office politics coming into existence.
  • Poor standards of work.


Action Plan For Motivation

  • Creating a sense of pride through training.
  • Rewarding the good performance.
  • Always moving in the path heading towards the goal.
  • Setting high expectations
  • Always trying to give the best.
  • Others needs should also be taken care of.
  • Making others play a vital role for your cause.

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