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This may sound a strange question to ask as the number 1 question. You may even think we are advising you to ask this to secure the best possible price for your stand. The reality is a full in-house design, manufacture and installation cuts down on the risk of non delivery. Many companies offering exhibition stand contractors are set up on the internet nowadays and are no more than a front for sub-contracting all elements of design and build to other companies. This is fine if they are one of the companies that then use a reputable company such as ourselves for the project (although you may prefer to cut out the middleman and go manufacturer direct?) – if they don’t, or if they are using two or even three separate sub contractors, then you could be at risk of not getting the exhibition stand you hoped for – or in a worst case scenario completely wasting your spend on exhibiting as your stand just isn’t up to the job it should have been designed for!


This is before you even take in to account further sub-contracting from the companies sub-contracted too. Here at Spectrum Exhibitions we are proud to have a complete in-house service. When you talk to us you are talking directly to a team compromising the UK’s best designers, manufacturers and installers of exhibition stands.


  1. Can You Provide Multiple Examples of Your Recent Displays


Some of our recent exhibition stand examples

Some of our recent exhibition stand examples



Any exhibition stand contractor worth their salt will have no issues in providing you with multiple and recent examples of their work and for a number of different clients. If a company struggles to provide you with this information then you need to think why? Do they have manufacturing capacity issues – if they are struggling with existing projects are they able to complete your project? Have they actually built that many stands – if they are a new company then maybe they don’t have the experience yet or haven’t faced the last minute unforeseen situations a company that is well established has. Will the company be around long enough to complete your project – it is a sad fact that many companies are struggling, what happens if they are forced to wind up before completing your project? Why are all their examples old stands – does this mean they’ve since lost the expertise that created the projects they are showing you?


As a stand alone company we have been around since 2002. Prior to this we worked in the industry. We have a solid business plan and we can cope with business expansion and contraction due to this structure. What this means is we can GUARANTEE delivery of your project and we can provide you with testimonials and examples of our work from companies ranging from global heavyweights to independents.


Professional exhibition stand contractors will be able to look at your time-scale and listen to your design ideas and know immediately if it is possible or not. With enough time almost anything is possible through innovative design and manufacturing techniques. However every exhibition stand has a definite delivery date as it needs to be ready for your event or show. Some of our last minute emergency jobs come about after a client has been let down by their current exhibition stand contractor. It is at this last minute point that our expertise can save the day, or at least provide you with a realistic and achievable stand design that is as close as possible to your original concept. If a company just says yes, without asking for more details and information on exactly what you require from your stand, then the likelihood is they just aren’t being honest with you and are saying anything to get your job, putting delivery of the stand you want at risk.


When doing something for the first time though you need to be at the very top of your game to firstly achieve it and secondly to achieve within an acceptable time-scale that doesn’t jeopardise the event stand concept. We have a history of being pioneering innovators when it comes to what is possible. By all means talk to us about some of our most cutting edge design elements such as interactive design elements that respond in relation to how event participants interactive with the display stand itself. We will happily talk with all our clients, we will happily attempt anything, however with us you will always be kept informed if something may not be achievable in time and the alternatives should this be the case. (To date there have been very few things we haven’t been able to achieve – and when something isn’t possible we have been able to fully explain exactly why)



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