Shiv Khera’s golden rule for success


Your state of mind, your qualities, and your vision frame the blueprint of your prosperity. The sky is the limit to accomplish by psyching oneself with positive reasoning. — These were the useful tidbits by motivational speaker and creator Shiv Khera who was in Chennai as of late.

Positive reasoning alone can’t ensure achievement. “It is a supplement, not a substitute for your activity design. Your positive activity joined with positive reasoning outcomes in progress.”

Will versus ability

Mr. Khera said that it was determined more than expertise that adds to one’s prosperity. Despite the fact that specialized aptitude and individuals ability is fundamental, it is individuals expertise that is indispensable as you move higher in your profession. By building connections, numerous issues can be unraveled. The present age is well informed, however, on the other side they have turned out to be awkward with individuals. On the off chance that individuals expertise is inadequate with regards to, they can’t taste achievement. Maybe a couple will pay the cost for the readiness for progress, however, everybody needs to be fruitful.


With regards to the offering, Mr. Khera says that accomplishment in life relies upon our capacity to offer. Trustworthiness and kindness is the key here, and these are not procedures but rather fundamental estimations of life. By particularly understanding the contrast between guarantees we make and responsibility we remain for, one can be effective in the offering.


For the greater part of us, negative reasoning has turned out to be constant. The positive conduct must be a reflex activity. Grow great propensities, for it incredibly adds to positive propensities and states of mind. Offer significance to your notoriety and above all your character. Keep up your confidence.

Tips for Class XII understudies

Try not to give excessively of significance to your evaluations/scores in this one exam alone. Try not to confound disappointment in the exam to disappointment in life itself. Youths see the world to be exceedingly aggressive. Be that as it may, give it an idea, achievement is simpler today and openings in abundance. Simply buckle down and all will be well. Reservation is denying understudies of numerous a decent opportunity. Reservation is an apparatus in the hands of the legislators, it is damaging and not in any manner useful for country improvement.

Khera says

: Maintain a strategic distance from miscommunication. The value you pay for it is shocking.

The sense of self can crush collaboration/exertion.

Set your objective. It causes you know where you are heading.

Have a dream. It is the capacity to see the imperceptible. On the off chance that you can see the undetectable, you can accomplish the unthinkable.

Validity and uprightness are indispensable. Associations with believability make higher benefits.

It is smarter to be respected than be regarded.

Try not to stop. Try not to surrender.

Shiv Khera is an Indian author of self-help books and an activist, one of the best motivational speakers, keynote speakers, Author, Educator and Business Consultant in India.

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