Dance Smith is one of India’s Leading Professional Dance Performance and Production Company. They began  operating in September 2012 as an experimental Dance Troupe, and later got registered in December 2014.

The various shows that Dance Smith Organises are categorized as follows :

  1. Corporate Shows
  2. Wedding Shows

Corporate Shows : Under this category  the following shows are organized

  1. Incredible India :
    The concept of incredible India is designed to showcase various Dances forms from every corner of the country. The show is an attempt to present a small glance of our country at one stage. The act includes folk dance forms of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Assam, Karnataka and Tamil Naidu. Props and Costumes are exclusively designed by us to do the justice with the show and the performance.
  2. Redefining Bollywood : It is a modern contemporary enchanting presentation of Bollywood songs with unique prop, attractive costume and a level up choreography which seek attention of the audiences. Sequence which is truly mesmerizing and designed to rejuvenate the audience.
  3. Techno Bollywood : Dance smith believes in Creation. There innovation and dare of doing experiments brought this astonishing act which is having World’s first wearable In -house created laser costume developed by us with 128 laser diodes. This is a highly technical act designed by keeping every bit complementing each other. Every back up dancer’s costume has designed with many small concave mirrors to enhance the effect of Laser which took the show on international level. The act is having sequences which is a perfect blend of Dancing and technology and also presents our In-house creativity through its costume which has designed to give an effect of spectrum for which number of LED lights has used for making the costumes. Uniqueness of the act is in its presentation. This act is one of the best successful experimented techno act designed by them.
  4. Black Magic : UV act is one of the most magical act which incorporate visual tricks to execute the choreography. And dance smith is known for creative concept and unique presentation and one of the best example of this is Black Magic act. The notable UV costume and execution is the soul of the act .


Wedding Shows : Under this category  the following shows are organized\

  1. Nazrana : Nazrana is an elegant Semi-Classical / Awadh / Pakeezah Show designed for Wedding Celebration. A complete Costume Drama with Dazzling and Colourful Costumes which got complemented by beautiful props to create the feel of Mughal royalty. Spellbinding collection of Songs and Ghazals to create an aura that people can’t take off their eyes. This act creates a Delightful Visual Presentation which make audience to float with every bit of the music. This is by far one of the most soothing Live Entertainment Act.
  2. Shubh Vivah : In India, wedding functions are incomplete without Music and Dance. Every wedding is special and always need something extra to make it memorable. To achieve this requirement, we come up with India’s first and only Pre- Wedding Mehndi act created to generate an Allure of Celebration. This is a completely day time act designed to enhance the Family Fun by getting them involve while the performances.
    This is an avant-garde act with an out of the box execution having Dazzling Costume, Props, Make-up and Presentation of Performers which complements a day time designed act. The performances are well choreographed on Ever Green Bollywood Mehndi Songs. 2 hours complete Non-Stop show.
  3. Rangilo Rajasthan: It is an exclusive act blending to bring folk to mainstream Live entertainment by taking an inspiration from a very colorful part of India, Rajasthan. Costume, Props, unconventional puppetry and selection of songs will bring cheer and joy in the function enjoyed by every age group.
  4. In Love With Krishna : “In love with Krishna”, itself is enough to describe the feel of the concept. Performing for Lord Krishna is not only in our tradition but also a folk mainly performed in Mathura, Vrindavan and other part of the country. Performing for Krishna is also widely executed in our Bollywood industry. This is an entirely new spiritual notion of the company designed for presenting something new and out of the box in the ceremony.
  5. Naika : We exclusively generated this concept to experience silver screen and feel the Bollywood era live on single stage. This concept is basically a tribute to dancing divas of Bollywood in which we performances on hit songs from 1960’s to 2017 which is performed by whole troupe (can be customized). Recreating the silver screen ambience on stage with exclusively in-house designed props and costumes will give the magnificent live entertainment.
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