Steps To Build Positive Personality By Shiv Khera


Our personality traits define how well we are going to live our life. It is the backbone of our presentation towards the world. A person with positive personality is accepted by the society whereas a person with negative personality is not easily accepted. To be on the safer side it is strictly advised to cultivate positive personality traits within oneself.

If one has to cultivate positive personality in himself then he has to grow the following features

  1. Accepting Responsibility

When a person is given responsibility it indirectly means he has been given promotion to higher level because it is believed that the person has the ability to perform when extra work load is given. One should accept this opportunity whenever given because it shows their integrity and self belief. It reflects the environment they are brought up in. Responsible behavior should be inculcated right from our childhood.

2. Consideration

Giving respect to others and take care of their feelings, is known as consideration. It makes others start liking you for your behavior and hence have a positive impact on the personality of a person.

3. Think of Winning

Always extracting the good out of everything results in positive outputs. If we attract positives from our environment and serve people with good then we will always end up winning.

4. Speak Responsibly

If one speaks with responsibility, keeping in mind the others point of view is categorized as a person with positive personality traits. This is a very important factor as one’s speech detects the environment from where they have come from and what they are taught in life.

5. Not Complaining And Criticizing

Complaining and negative criticism shows negative personality of a person. Criticism should rather be done in a positive way such that it promotes motivation in a person.

6. Smile and Be Kind

Smiling and being kind shows affection towards the people and often a smiling and kind person has a better sense of others in the society.

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